I have had a gun 6 years old can I still buy new for old cover?

Yes, just make sure the value you provide reflects the current new value of the gun or its replacement.

My gun is no longer made what value do I select?

For new for old cover use the new cost of the updated model. For Indemnity cover use the current market value of a second-hand gun.

I have an old English shot gun – what cover do I need?

We would suggest you consider an Agreed value basis of cover – this is the current market value as provided by a RFD in writing to you at least in the last 5 years. This cover option has a £0 excess. If you want a cheaper premium, consider Indemnity cover which is again based on market value (without the RFD notice) but this has an excess based on the age of the gun – ranges from 10% to 30%.

I am going outside the UK for a holiday

You can select overseas cover for 21 days at £30 additional premium – you must advise newmoon of the dates as the policy schedule needs to be updated to show this extension

Do you provide short term cover?

No, we only offer annual policy cover

I live outside the UK can you cover me?

No, you must be a UK resident and a member of either BASC or CPSA to buy our cover

My gun is stored away from my home

This is fine as cover is anywhere in the UK as long as the Police are aware and authorised the storage

I am taking my gun away with me to a hotel

You should enquire about a hotel safe/ strong room before travelling – other options may include chaining and securing to hotel room pipes. But always ensure authorities are aware and if in doubt call your Association for advice.

Can I insure my cartridges etc with you

No this is not insured as an accessory

Can I set up a policy in joint names for myself and my son

Yes but please refer to Newmoon. Both parties must be members of either BASC or CPSA.

Can I add a new item to my policy online?

No, you must call Newmoon on 01892 280323